Welcome to the House of Fishing and Nature !

Welcome to the Maison de la Pêche et de la Nature in Levallois, an education center for urban nature and aquatic environments. We offer different activities depending on the audience:

- A Seine Museum-Aquarium open to the general public on Wednesdays and weekends, and to groups by appointment on other days,

- An entertainment center for schools and leisure centers on various environmental themes: fish, water cycle, aquatic environments, garden, birds, insects, composting, games...

- Leisure fishing workshops and courses for beginners or enthusiasts, on Wednesdays, Saturdays and in the form of courses during school holidays, from 8 years old,

- Workshops and holiday courses Discovery of Nature, for children from 7 years old,

- A unique rental space on the banks of the Seine for your family or professional events,

You will find on this site all the information about our association and its activities: to better understand what we do and especially what we can do for you.

Visiting the Aquarium of river Seine

The Museum-Aquarium of the Seine offers its visitors the opportunity to discover the life of freshwater fish and the aquatic ecosystem of the Ile-de-France region. Visit plans available at the entrance in French, English and "easy to read" will be given to you on request, you can also download these documents from our site.

The visit begins with the Tactile Basin to initiate a first contact with the fish and to approach swimming, feeding and breathing in the water; it is possible here to touch fish and feed them.

It continues through the “Fish life” exhibition where children and adults have an overview of the world of river fish: living environment, food, swimming, breathing, senses and reproduction.

They are then directed to the Nursery, where reproductive strategies are discussed with various and varied aquariums accessible to the little ones, and the Catfish Basin to observe the mimicry and adaptation to nocturnal aquatic life through this impressive fish, the catfish, which can reach 2m30 and which lives in the Seine in Paris.

The Aquatic Turtles is their next stop, to understand the influence of the introduction of native species in an environment, followed by the Kingdom of crayfish to allow them to touch the "great cleaners" of the bottom of the water and discover their role. essential detritivore.

The visit continues with the "Carnassiers" exhibition where young and old have an overview of the predators that inhabit the Seine and understand their usefulness in the food chain.

You will then access the 360° Aquarama and its 18 aquariums presenting fish, from the sparkling roach to the ferocious pike with its 700 teeth, passing by the shy catfish or the chameleon sculpin, and the plants of the Seine where the visitors may be able to attend the meal of pike or black-bass.

The visit ends with the Technological Fishing Museum, located on the 1st floor of the rotunda, accessible by the liner staircase, with its collections of equipment, photos and old objects.

Prepare your visit using our visit plan below.

Aquarium openning normal hours :
Wesnesday from 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday from 1 pm to 6 pm.
Closed on every bank holiday.

Aquarium openning hours during holidays :
- School holidays Winter, Easter and All Saints: every day from 2 pm to 6 pm.
- School holidays in July: every day from 2 pm to 6 pm. 
- School holidays in August: monday to wednesday only from from 2 pm to 6 pm (closed on weekends). 
- During the Christmas school holidays: contact us.

Prices :
Adults (18 to 59 years old): € 3.50
Children (5 to 17 years old): 2,00 €
Children (under 5 years old) : Free
Seniors (60 years old and over): 2,00 €
Large families, students, disabled people (upon presentation of proof): 2 €

 Means of payment:
- Cash
- Credit cards.

- Subway: Line 3, station "Pont de Levallois", then access the island by the staircase of the Pont de Levallois, or the bridge of the Jatte.
- Bus: Lines 53/167/175/238/275 station "Pont de Levallois" or Lines 163/164/93 station "Ile de la Jatte" or near Lines 82/174 "Neuilly Hopital Américain"
- By Car: From Paris, exit Porte de Champerret, follow the Bd Bineau direction Pont de Courbevoie. On the Ile de la Jatte, turn right on Bd Vital Bouhot. Pay parking lot at the end of the Boulevard. Access walk from the Claude Monet alley. 

Parkings : - Parking André Citroen: Access on foot to 20 m by the footbridge of the Ile de la Jatte - 447 seats - 2 levels - free for 30 minutes. Infos: http://www.levaparc.fr/parc-citroen.php- Claude Monet roundabout parking: Small parking lot with parking meter 2 euros / hour - Free on weekends - 30 spaces - time stamp limited to 2 hours. 


Visiting plan of the museum in english available below...

Visiting_englishVisiting_english [12.286 Kb]

A bit of history...

Opened since June 12th, 1993, the "Maison Pêche et Nature" (House of Fishing and Nature) of Levallois is a public equipment of an unique caratere in France.


Situated in the street "Claude Monet" in the island of "La Jatte", a well-known island of impressionnistes, faced with the pedestrianized footbridge which links up the island with the continent of Levallois.

This building of marble and glass integrates perfectly with a park to break 15 000m2, faced with the new quarter of Levallois.
Next to the Seine, near the famous Apiary and the near honeybees, symbols of the city of Levallois the Maison Pêche et Nature dominates the riversides of the river, especially done up for the fishing. 

Financed, constructed, and equipped by the municipality of Levallois, the Maison Pêche et Nature also shelters AAPPMA 92 & 75, one of the most important associations of fishing and protection of the aquatic middle of France, which manages Seine and ponds on the department of the “Hauts-de-Seine” as well as the ponds of the wood of boulogne.

The first objective of this equipment is, in an urban environment, to contact a very broad public of children and adults for a pedagogic, scientific and play discovery of fish, aquatic circles, protection of environment and fishing.